Row boat kit with mast pulled after sailing

and ready to be loaded on the

car for the trip home.

Mast Partner is lined with leather

and all hardware is brass.

Builders plate mounted on

deck beam.

A new kit being assembled.


White oak frame for her shape and the sides

are brad-nailed to the 1/2" bottom.

All is glued with epoxy.

Transom knee in place.

Special Needs class with their

completed boat kit.


The flat-bottom skiff , is a light and stable rowboat kit for anyone entering the wooden boat world and is particularly suited for the younger part of a family.
The "no-octane" approach to entertainment at the cottage is what spurred the birth of this traditional little 12 footer. The inspiration to build this skiff came from a neighbour and good friend who had a similar one in un-restorable condition at his cottage.

We took lines off the boat and reproduced it in 5 mm plywood for the sides and 3/8" marine plywood for the bottom. The chines (bottom corners) are reinforced with epoxy.
The transom is marine mahogany plywood finished bright with a mahogany cap. The deck is made of marine ply as well and finishes in bright mahogany.

Seats are also mahogany ply with capped sides. We supply ash to cap the sides for looks and to prevent veneers from being chipped during use.
The hull only needs a few well-placed frames for seat supports thus eliminating the need for ribs. The result is a light watertight, easy to maintain painted interior and exterior.
This is your chance to buy a rowboat kit that is easy to build. The boat is stable, durable and most of all... beautiful! All parts are machined for accurate fit with high quality materials. The kit includes every part you need to put the boat together.

I have tried to ensure a complete set of detailed instructions on paper and on CD so that building is easy with pictures and drawings to follow. You do not need previous experience. All joints are machined for easy assembly.

You will need basic tools like a hand plane, a saw and a few clamps. It is recommended that you purchase an electric brad nailer for fast and easy construction.