"Pirouette" is now "Piourette I"

She came to us from Michael & Joan Stevens from Lyonsville, PA. and after a couple of years

of planning and "pecking" at her hull, we finally finished her last spring in our new facility.

Our biggest challenge was the seperation of the ballast from the centre-board for refirbishment.

After about 300 hours of hard labour, the two parted from each other and we could

finally get on with the sand-blasting, acid treatment and sealing with epoxy. She

is as good as new and remarkably, the strip-plaked hull was as good as the day

it was built under the old skin of fiberglass (except a few thru-hull spots). A real

testement to the building technique in 1958. She has a sister in Florida, owned by a Munroe

family member. The cabin sides were converted back to the original bright finish and her

transom boasts a new mahogany veneer for that extra-special look.