Mission Statement

The preservation of our Marine Heritage is at the forefront of our relationship with the boating public. We are dedicated and

eager to educate our clients and the public alike with newly built boats as well as restorations.

Our new 2700 sq.ft. facility allows us to work on boats up to 28 feet long.

Cruisers,sailboats, launches and work boats have graced our shop floor over the years and each has a story that

is documented from start to finish with digital pictures and notes, which are made available to their owners.

Increasing the life span of a vessel is sometimes difficult and time consuming but, never without

purpose. It is not unlike caring for a loved one or reliving a bygone era.

Map of Location

Jim F. Hammond Owner/Operator

"Pirouette I" 1958 Munroe Cutter


This is my personal boat. 2 years of hard work = 4 months of sailing in the Bahamas

What could be better?


Our Location

Our new facility is located on the East 1/4 Line Road,